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And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None is Agatha Christie’s dramatic adaptation of her best-selling novel. A group of ten people gather at the mansion on Soldier Island, just off the coast of Devon. Before the party truly gets under way, a recording plays that accuses each guest of murder. Baffled, these strangers realize that they have no idea who their host is, and when the first guest is murdered, they understand that they have been brought to the island by a maniac who intends to dispense his own perverted form of justice.
Who is the killer? Is it Lombard, the mysterious regiment captain who abandoned his men? Could it be Armstrong, a doctor who has an intense interest in nervous disorders? What about Wargrave, a court justice with an eerily calm demeanour? Perhaps Vera, a young secretary with a heart breaking secret? And who will survive this gathering and make it off the island? As time goes by, and characters fall away to the rhymes in “Ten Little Soldier Boys,” it is clear that the survivors can trust no one!
Regularly produced and adapted for stage and screen, And Then There Were None is a mystery thriller that set the bar for the “whodunnit” genre.